Anybody who has ever been in the market for a rental property, has no doubt come across some shocking real estate photos...we know we have! The agent's reflection in the bathroom mirror, unmade beds and maybe even dirty clothes on the ground, however we doubt you’ve ever seen anything like this! We've compiled a list of our favourite - best of the worst real estate photos. Complements of:   

"I'll pass the salt if you accept the ransom and let me out of these handcuffs"


Perfect for recreating the time you spent as a hostage in the 1970s

Last week I found a use-by-date in Roman numerals.

“OK I see what’s happened here. Next time you want a bath bomb, speak to me first.”

The explanation for this better be spectacularly good.

I think they said it was an exercise room of some kind.

Ah, the pleasures of a fully plumbed dining room.

“Sure, it’s the end of the hall on the left, in my parent’s bedroom. Knock first.”

If the weather clears up later I might mow the pool.

The last thing you see before you’re added to the missing person’s database.

That’s going to be a very noisy slam dunk.