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Assisted Property Search


You’re based in Melbourne and you enjoy attending inspections, however are finding the actual task of securing a rental property to be gruelling!

This is where we come in.

With over 10 years combined experienced in the Melbourne property market we can assist you with your search and share all our tips and tricks to make sure you secure your new home quickly and at the right price.

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The Assisted Property Search is our newest package specifically designed for people already in Melbourne who would like some extra help to make finding their new rental a smooth and easy process.

We start off by getting to know you and your new home requirements.  This is done by our simple visual questionnaire that helps us not only understand your basic necessities but pin points your tastes and preferences for home aesthetics. Our clients often give us feedback that we’ve asked questions they hadn’t even thought about so it’s really a great opportunity to reflect on the lifestyle you hope to lead in your new rental.

The next step is to ensure that you have the best possible application so when you do love a property, the landlord will also love you. As part of the Assisted Property Search package you will receive our Melbourne Rental Search Step by Step guide of how to create a convincing 1Form profile that managing agents will admire. This convenient and easy to read document will take you through everything you need to know about applying through 1Form portal which is most commonly used by managing agents. It also offers all the ‘tips and tricks’ we have picked up along the way that the average renter just isn’t aware of so you will stand out from the crowd and it will be a breeze to complete.

Finally, once your questionnaire is filled out and your application is ready to go we start the property search! We will send you an unlimited list of recommended properties that match your requirements and budget. On occasion we are also able to suggest some ‘out of the box’ properties that you may never have considered but with our insider knowledge realise they could be perfect for you! The great thing about the shortlist is that we will also include any off market opportunities that are exclusively available to us.

From here, you will choose 6 properties to either inspect accompanied with us or alone (your choice). We will handle all communications with the agent including arranging inspection times, negotiation of the lease term, rental price, commencement date and any additional clauses or conditions specific to your situation. The great advantage to the Assisted Search Package is that by having us at the inspections with you, you will get real time advice on the suitability of the property, what the market rent is and the best way to apply (eg. Should you offer a lower rent? What conditions should you set? Etc).

Included in this package:

  • Your own personalised visual questionnaire to determine your new rental requirements
  • The Melbourne Rental Search Step by Step Guide to applying for properties via 1Form (valued at $99.95)
  • Unlimited phone support for completing your 1Form application and individual advice for what you will need to provide specific to your situation to make it stand out
  • Unlimited number of properties recommended to you including any off market opportunities exclusive to Melbourne Rental Search
  • Organisation of inspection times and all other communications with agents for up to 6 properties
  • Accompanied house inspections for the up to 6 properties with real time advice on the pros/cons of each and whether they offer good value for money
  • Handle all communications with managing agents including negotiation of the lease term, rental price, commencement date and any additional clauses or conditions specific to your requirements
  • Review of your lease documentation to ensure there are no unusual clauses