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Medicare is Australia’s health care system that subsidises fees with doctors and allows you to visit public hospitals for free. If you live in Australia you may be eligible for your own Medicare card, click the link above to apply.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO)

You will need a tax file number to work in Australia. Click the link above to apply.


There are 4 main banks in Australia (see links below) but many others exist and provide a range of competitive banking options. You can find out how to open a bank account with this useful article here.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Westpac Banking Corporation

National Australia Bank


Buying a car in Australia can be much more expensive than other countries like the USA due to our taxes on luxury cars and restrictions on importing second hand cars so we recommend you research which makes and models you like before committing to buy. The most comprehensive website for new and used cars is:

Car Sales

You can also compare your car hire options here:

Car hire – comparison

Cost of Living

Cost of living calculator - check out this calculator that allows you to compare the cost of living between cities around the world.


Melbourne has a fantastic education system with many options depending on the age of your children.

For kids aged 6 months to 5 years old there are generally multiple daycare centers in each suburb which can provide care for up to 10 hours each day during the week. In the past it has been quite difficult to secure places due to demand however we have seen this ease with new government subsidies encouraging more centers to open. We recommend inquiring or putting your name down on the wait list before you arrive for a few centers then make a final decision once you arrive and have taken a tour to ensure they are the right fit for your family. You can see what Childcare & Early Learning options you have here.

From the age of 3 you can also enroll your child in a kindergarten program. These are designed to ensure kids are ‘school ready’ and depending on the program are usually run during normal school hours. Pick ups and drop offs are difficult as a result if both parents are working full time but luckily many daycare centers offer a kinder program anyway.

At the moment 4 and 5 year old kinder programs are partially funded by the government and there are plans to extend this to 3 year olds after 2020.

For 5 to 12 year olds primary school is compulsory and each suburb sits in a zone associated with a government run school. We can advise depending on where you end up renting which your zoned primary school is. There’s also often independent school options nearby which usually require fees. We can assist with the enrollment process for these as well depending on your package.

For more information on the Victorian Primary School system please see the Study in Victoria website here. You can also research each school’s performance based on their NAPLAN test results here.

When your child is 13 to 18 they will attend Secondary School. There are less of these around than primary schools so sometimes a small amount of travel will be required depending on where you live. Like primary school, government run secondaries are free and independent or private schools have associated fees ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 per year. There are many options for secondary schools in Melbourne including academically selective high schools, zoned government schools, single sex or coed, private/independent and all of them tend to be know to specialise in different things. Some are very well known for their music programs, academics, sport etc so if your children have a particular interest we can direct you to a school that will be a good fit.

Some further great resources on education in Australia:

Directory of Schools in Australia - search for all school options based on your location

Australian Universities - list of Australian Universities, their locations and rankings

My School Website - comparison of school performance


Rentals in Melbourne tend to either come as fully furnished or unfurnished. Fully furnished properties generally have all the basic large items like; beds, couches, television, refrigerator, washing machine, dining table etc. Some also go even further and include kitchen implements, crockery, linen etc. When inspecting we will always advise what is included in each fully furnished rental.

Unfurnished properties only have the built in items included like the large kitchen appliances (stove & oven) and curtains etc. You will need to buy or bring your own white goods (refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, drier etc) plus all your furniture.

There is also the option to hire your own furniture but this can be costly when there are so many furniture shops with reasonable prices around so we recommend comparing costs first.

Below is a list of our favourite furniture and white goods stores:

Brosa - online retailer with a showroom if you want to view before buying. We recommend the gas lift beds if your new rental has limited storage space.

Koala - online mattress retailer. They can deliver your new bed within 24 hours so great if you need something last minute!

Temple & Webster - online store with huge range of furniture from different suppliers. Make sure you check whether what you are buying is in the warehouse or not as shipping can take a couple weeks if its not currently in the country.

Kogan - low cost online electrical and white goods retailer

Gumtree - Online market place where you can buy second hand white goods and furniture.

Furniture & appliance rentals


Melbourne is a very well connected city transport wise with many options for getting around.

For our clients commuting to work we recommend finding a rental with easy access to one of the many train or tram lines as peak hour can get pretty congested on key roads to the city. It’s important to check not only if you are close to a train or tram station but to consider the whole journey from door to door which we do for each of our clients. For example:

  • Does your train line have express trains? These can cut travel time dramatically but you also need to be careful you haven’t chosen a station that is ‘skipped’ on these services

  • Do you need to switch trams/trains at any point? Waiting between services adds extra time so we try to place clients on direct routes.

  • Do you need to drive to the station or is it within walking distance? With public transport growing in popularity car parks at train stations are becoming more and more in demand. There are some stations that have full car parks by 7am in the morning!

There is also a lot of investment in public transport across Victoria which has disrupted some services so we will fill you in if this will impact your journey.

To use public transport you will need to purchase a Myki card once you arrive and load credit onto it to travel. Android users can also download an app to their phone. For more information see the PTV website below:

Public Transport Victoria

Apart from Uber and Taxis there is also a ride sharing app called Shebah made for females travelling by themselves or with their families which only employs women drivers who have been police checked. Shebahs can be booked in advance via their app.

All our clients on the relocation package receive a complimentary luxury airport transfer and this can be added on to our other packages if you need. Please get in touch for a quote.

Short Term Accommodation

If you choose one of our packages and rent somewhere that isn’t fully furnished you may decide to stay somewhere short term while you set up your new home. We are happy to recommend some options specific to your requirements or you can check out the following websites:

Airbnb Australia

Quest Apartments Melbourne

Corporate Keys  

Boutique Stays (Includes pet friendly properties)


Useful websites

Private Health Insurance for Overseas Visitors & Students

Tenant Insurance (Contents Insurance)

Removalists (within Melbourne)

Removalists (interstate)